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Please register/ Enroll your child at Enrollment Information 

Kindergarten request AM/PM Am / Pm Request
If your student is new to our area and enrolling for the first time at Butterfield Canyon Elementary, please fill out the digital enrollment form.

Parent input Form
This form can be used to describe the educational setting your child needs in order to maximize his/her learning.  Please do not ask for a particular teacher. If there are other students in your child's grade level that he/she should not be in the same class with, please include this information and describe the problem.  This form will be open each school year from Jan 1st - April 1st.

JSD Chromebook User Agreement

BCE Chromebook User Agreement


JSD Volunteer Form & Code of Conduct Signature Form

We love to have volunteers!  Those who wish to volunteer in classrooms, for field trips, on field day, etc. will need to complete this Volunteer Form annually.  Following District Policy, volunteers working with children MUST be fingerprinted through the District.

Please go to the Volunteer tab.

Vacation Form
Missing school will impact a student's education and possibly their grades if work isn't made up, but turning in this form to the office BEFORE you leave will excuse it on our attendance records. Each student may use up to 10 days of vacation (educational leave) each year.

Medication at School
This form needs to be on file at the school in order for students to be able to take/have medication at school. Our school's fax # is 801-302-4977.

Bus Request Form
To see if you qualify, visit the Bus Stops page and type in your address.  Those who live within 1.5 miles from the school but would like your student to ride the bus you may fill out a form .  These passes are given to students when there is still space available on the bus after all qualified students are riding. Distance from the school is the criteria used to determine who receives them.  Space Available passes cannot be issued until after the 10th day of students being in school.  Families receiving these passes need to keep in mind that they are issued as long as there is space available.  For example, if more students move into the area that live further than 1.5 miles away, they could bump some students who are riding with a Space Available pass.
You will need to complete the Busing Request form on skyward. We are no longer accepting paper request, please fill in the request online.

Please see the attached tutorial on how to do that.


Lunch Deposit Slip
When students pay lunch money with cash or a check there will need to be this associated form attached.  Please fill it out as completely as possible.  Keep in mind that you can pay online through the Skyward Family Access site.  It is easy to use and will send you automated email balance reminders.

Free or Reduced Lunch Application
Qualifying family incomes will allow school lunches to either be free of charge or offered at significantly reduced rates.  This information is extremely confidential and only two people in the school know about it, the lunch clerk and the principal.  Please call our lunch clerk if you have any questions about this process or visit the JSD Nutrition Services Website.

Request for Educational Records Notary Form
This is the form that needs to be filled out by parents to receive  student written records. The notary portion needs to be completed when parent requests are not made in person with identification.  Note that the school has 45 days to accommodate the request once it is received.

Fee Waiver Application (K-6) This form can be filled out to waive elementary school fees, which only include ALPS testing & Orchestra/Band fees.

English exemption instruction The Utah Department of Health and Human Services has made some changes to its' online exemption module.  Please use the attached instructions to help you navigate the new changes.  The instructions go over changes step by step.

There are two major changes to the online exemption module.
First, parents must now create a UTAH ID account to access the online exemption module.
Secondly, parents can print off the certificate of completion immediately once you have completed the module from your account.