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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do students go on the First Day of School and every other morning?

The students are to line up outside at their grade level doors, look for the signs, and their teachers will come out to bring them inside when the bell rings.

Kindergarten students will line up in the front playground area, while students in portable classrooms will line up right outside those doors.

The only exception to this will be if precipitation or temperature presents a need to bring the students directly inside to their classrooms, orange flags will be posted along the exterior of the building to indicate that students should come in.

When is the Back to School Open-House?
Aug 19th, 2024 @ 4-6pm [Monday]

When do we find out who our teacher is for the upcoming year?
Teacher assignments will be posted on your student's online Skyward account about a week before school starts.

Can I request a specific teacher?
No, but you can fill out a "Parent Input Form" form if you wish for the office to consider any special circumstances or needs when placing your child in  next year's class.  We want to be as intentional as possible with our placements to enabling the school to proactively provide their child with the most advantageous placement while proactively preventing possible problems. You can put such things as "My child has autism and thrives in highly structured environments..." or "My child is strong at math, but has struggled through the years with reading..." Any information that would help us select the best placement for next year will be appreciated.  These forms should be filled out and turned into the office between Jan 1st and April 1st of each year, prior to the initial track assignments. 

How does busing work?
Anyone who lives 1.5 miles or further from the school qualifies for busing services.  Our transportation department walks the routes and measures the distances using the shortest possible walking routes.  To see if you qualify, visit the Bus Stops page and type in your address.  If you live closer to the school, but would like your student to ride the bus you may fill out a form, these are now found online. Please see the tutorial how to do that.

These passes are given to students when there is still space available on the bus after all qualified students are riding. Distance from the school is the criteria used to determine who receives them. Space Available passes cannot be issued until after the 15th day of students being in school.  Families receiving these passes need to keep in mind that they are issues as long as there is space available.  For example, if more students move into the area that live further than 1.5 miles away, they could bump some students who are riding with a Space Available pass.

My child has allergies or special health concerns, how should I communicate those needs?
We take your child's medical concerns very seriously and want to assist you in feeling confident that they are safe in our care.  Please notify the office and the teacher of any medical concerns.  We have a school nurse who can meet with the child, parents, and teacher to develop a Health Care Plan and offer any training necessary.  If students require a medication to be given at school, Policy A85-Medications in the School Setting will be followed and proper paperwork needs to be on file.  We encourage you to be the advocate for your child each year to make sure that all involved are aware of their special needs.

What are the school day hours?
See the Bell Schedule page for details regarding start/end times.  The office is open from 8:00-4:00 (M-F) during the school year.

What about the First Day of School for Kindergarten Students?
Kindergarten students will typically start one week later than everyone else.  Parents will bring kindergarten students in for a one-on-one meeting and initial assessment with their teacher during that first week. Parents will schedule an appointment with the teacher through Skyward Family Access.

What documents do we need to enroll at the office?
When registering new students at the office, you'll need to bring three things with you 1) Proof of Residency 2) Birth Certificate 3) Immunization Records.  We look forward to having your student(s) at Butterfield Canyon!

How does the drop off system work in the front of the school?

See Traffic Flow & Safety page.

How can we know if our children will be kept inside for recess breaks?

We have a weather station on the roof of the school that communicates weather data to a website used to make decisions regarding inside/outside recess.

Are there supply lists that I should be aware of?
Yes! We do have grade level lists of materials that will be helpful for student use throughout the year.

What should I do if I have concerns with my student's learning (i.e. homework, performance, etc.)?

Please communicate your observations with the teacher directly so progress can be made. In rare cases, when you feel that you aren't getting traction in resolving the concerns you have - feel free to contact the school administration who would be happy to help.

What does the Preschool program look like and how do I sign up?     

 The Jordan Child Development Center provides a preschool program promoting a child's cognitive, communication, social emotional, adaptive and motor development.  The program is for children who qualify for an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and for typically developing children from the community.           Classes are taught by certified teachers.

The curriculum is based on Utah state standards. Teachers are experts at meeting the needs of each child. Children will learn  new skills, meet new friends and have fun.

To register call the Jordan Child Development Center at 801-567-8510.