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Bus Stops / Boundaries

School Boundaries & Bus Stops


  • Our Edulog system can locate your school and bus stop info, simply by typing in your address.
  • For detailed busing information, please select a specific grade and uncheck the "All Grades" option.
  • You can confirm bus stop information with your local school or the Transportation Department at 801-567-8840.
    Find your School & Bus Stops
  • For School and Bus Stop Info, please visit our  WebQuery site.

Boundary Description

Detailed Map of Butterfield Canyon Boundaries

How does busing work?
Anyone who lives 1.5 miles or further from the school qualifies for busing services.  Our transportation department walks the routes and measures the distances using the shortest possible walking routes.  To see if you qualify, visit the Bus Stops page and type in your address.  If you live closer to the school, but would like your student to ride the bus you may fill out a "Space Available" form and turn it into the office.  These passes are given to students when there is still space available on the bus after all qualified students are riding. Distance from the school is the criteria used to determine who receives them. Space Available passes cannot be issued until after the 10th day of school.  Families receiving these passes need to keep in mind that they are issued as long as there is space available.  For example, if more students move into the area that live further than 1.5 miles away, they could bump some students who are riding with a Space Available pass.