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Photo of Jay Eads Jay Eads Principal
Photo of Amber Allen Amber Allen Assistant Principal

Teacher Specialists

Photo of Kristy Hernandez Kristy Hernandez UVU Mentor Facilitator
Photo of Tina Workman Tina Workman Music Teacher
Photo of Christine Wirthlin Christine Wirthlin Instructional Coach


Photo of Alison Simpson Alison Simpson Office Assistant
Photo of Ashley Wheeler Ashley Wheeler Office Assistant
Photo of Kellianne Draper Kellianne Draper Literacy Assistant

Special Education

Photo of Jeridawn Nickle Jeridawn Nickle Resource Teacher
Photo of Kristin Cummings Kristin Cummings Resource Teacher
Photo of Benjamin Hepworth Benjamin Hepworth Speech
Photo of Brittany Fillmore Brittany Fillmore Speech
Photo of Colleen Cowley Colleen Cowley Resource Aide
Photo of Heather Sparks Heather Sparks Resource Aide
Photo of Jann Perkins Jann Perkins Resource Aide
Photo of Erika Scott Erika Scott Resource Aide

Wellness Team

Photo of Jessica Thompson Jessica Thompson School Pyschologist
Photo of Elizabeth Bowden Elizabeth Bowden School Counselor


Photo of Brooke Eatchel Brooke Eatchel Kindergarten Teacher
Photo of Melissa Falkner Melissa Falkner Kindergarten Teacher
Photo of Pattie Moss Pattie Moss Kindergarten Teacher

1st Grade

Photo of Lisa Johnson Lisa Johnson 1st Grade Teacher
Photo of Carol Hoffer Carol Hoffer 1st Grade Teacher
Photo of Gina Titus Gina Titus 1st Grade Teacher

2nd Grade

Photo of Sarah Ricks Sarah Ricks 2nd Grade Teacher
Photo of Coralee Butterfield Coralee Butterfield 2nd Grade Teacher
Photo of Sherry Sutton Sherry Sutton 2nd Grade Teacher
Photo of Anica Akin Anica Akin 2nd grade teacher

3rd Grade

Photo of Ranisha Glover Ranisha Glover 3rd Grade Teacher
Photo of Janet Hall Janet Hall 3rd Grade Teacher
Photo of Cara Pool Cara Pool 3rd Grade Teacher
Photo of Emma Millett Emma Millett 3rd Grade Teacher

4th Grade

Photo of Daezia Livingston Daezia Livingston 4th Grade Teacher
Photo of Keri Cedor Keri Cedor 4th Grade Teacher
Photo of Layne Brown Layne Brown 4th Grade Teacher
Photo of Erin Baldwin Erin Baldwin 4th grade teacher
Photo of Kadee Miller Kadee Miller 4th grade Teacher

5th Grade

Photo of Matthew Mietchen Matthew Mietchen 5th Grade Teacher
Photo of Sylvia Panter Sylvia Panter 5th Grade Teacher
Photo of Torey Thompson Torey Thompson 5th Grade Teacher
Photo of Jenifer Lawson Jenifer Lawson 5th grade teacher

6th Grade

Photo of Shelly Rogers Shelly Rogers 6th Grade Teacher
Photo of Angie Herrscher Angie Herrscher 6th Grade Teacher
Photo of Brandon Maulis Brandon Maulis 6th Grade Teacher
Photo of Trisha Keller Trisha Keller 6th Grade Teacher
Photo of Kensie MacArthur Kensie MacArthur 6th grade teacher


Photo of Jennifer Sorensen Jennifer Sorensen Preschool Teacher
Photo of Susan Vecchi Susan Vecchi Preschool SLP
Photo of Melinda Andreason Melinda Andreason Preschool Aide

Classroom Assistants

Photo of Katie Park Katie Park ESP
Photo of Cynthia Powell Cynthia Powell ESP
Photo of Jamie Strode Jamie Strode ESP
Photo of Janice Braegger Janice Braegger ESP
Photo of Alicia Marshall Alicia Marshall ESP
Photo of DeeDee Zabriski DeeDee Zabriski ESP
Photo of Meli Derricott Meli Derricott ESP
Photo of Robyn Matthews Robyn Matthews ESP
Photo of Rebekah Ottley Rebekah Ottley ESP
Photo of Mary Sedgewick-Garton Mary Sedgewick-Garton ESP


Photo of Audra Armstrong Audra Armstrong Stem
Photo of Randi Callahan Randi Callahan PE Specialist
Photo of Becky Holdorf Becky Holdorf Media Assistant
Photo of Leslie Ashby Leslie Ashby Media Assistant / Leadership
Photo of Kamie Tindall Kamie Tindall PE Specialist


Photo of Harmony Pearce Harmony Pearce Playground & Workroom Assistant
Photo of Lyndsay Lang Lyndsay Lang Playground & Workroom Assistant
Photo of Alyson Clark Alyson Clark Playground & Workroom assistant
Photo of Brittany Carver Brittany Carver Playground & workroom assistant


Photo of Maria Gutierrez Maria Gutierrez Nutrition Manager
Photo of April Dastup April Dastup Nutrition Clerk
Photo of Maryann Dastrup Maryann Dastrup Cafeteria
Photo of Beverly Wilcox Beverly Wilcox Cafeteria
Photo of Rebecca Bartlett Rebecca Bartlett Nutrition
Photo of Rebecca Jones Rebecca Jones Cafeteria


Photo of Amy Evans Amy Evans School Nurse
Photo of Sherry Isobel Sherry Isobel Nurse
Photo of Sylvia Thomas Sylvia Thomas 504 Aide
Photo of Marci Plott Marci Plott 504 aide


Photo of Adam Richens Adam Richens Head Custodian
Photo of Jack Matthews Jack Matthews Adult night time Supervisor