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Student Recognition

Student recognition programs at Butterfield Canyon Elementary provide an opportunity for students to be acknowledged for positive behavior. Special incentives are awarded to students for demonstrating that they care about themselves, their community, and their school.  The following programs are designed to recognize deserving individuals:

Principal's Pride
Students from each class will be chosen by their teacher as the student of the week who best exemplify the leadership habit of the month.  Students and parents will be invited to a Principal's Pride ceremony that will take place on Wednesday mornings in the Media Center to celebrate their efforts.  Student names will be posted on a bulletin board and put on display in the library.

"PAW"sitive Tickets
Students can earn "PAW"sitive Tickets by demonstrating the BIG 4 (being examples to their peers) or Leadership (7 Habits).  This year we will be calling them "ROAR" tickets to go along with our theme. Once a student has earned 5 "PAW"sitive tickets they may trade their tickets in at the office during their lunchtime for a token.  Tokens may be used in the Token Tower to receive a small prize.

Classroom Incentives
 Each teacher will use classroom incentives for students who follow the classroom expectations.  See your child’s teacher for more details.

Fitness Awards
Students (4th-6th grades) who achieve the fitness goals will be recognized at the end-of-year Awards Assembly.

D.A.R.E. Program
Fifth grade students who successfully complete the D.A.R.E (Drugs & Alcohol Resistance Education) program during the year will be invited to go through a graduation process and be recognized by the administration, the D.A.R.E. officer, and their parents.