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Traffic Flow / Safety

Parents on Campus:

We urgently ask that you do the following when here on campus:

  • Vehicles are to stay in the lane closest to the building and pull all the way forward up to the Flagpole before loading/unloading students. Once you have loaded/unloaded students, you may then pull into the left lane and exit.
  • Students should only unload in the designated area in the front of the school.
  • Do not open doors on the left side of vehicle when dropping off students, only have students exit on the sidewalk side.
  • Please have your child ready to exit the vehicle when you arrive at the school.  There may be a day when you are running behind, so if you need a few extra minutes with your child, please park in the parking lot and walk with your child across the crosswalk.
  • When you need to cross from the parking lot, please use the crosswalks only. An adult must accompany all students crossing the crosswalks and walking through the parking lot.
  • If you need to exit the vehicle, please use the parking lot and use the crosswalks by the front of the school. There is no parking in the drop-off/pick-up lane.
  • Please be courteous and follow the directions of the student and staff members there to direct traffic.
  • We have staff in the front of the building from 8:45-9:00 to greet students getting off the buses and to welcome carpoolers. We also have staff on the playgrounds at the same times to supervise students before school starts and to help them get lined up and inside when the bell rings. Please be advised that if you drop your students off students before 8:45 they will not be supervised. Please pick your child(ren) up on time after school.
  • Parents may choose to avoid the front of the school for loading/unloading students and use the rear of the school or another location.  That is permissible as long as your chosen location doesn't require the students to cross a street or the entry/exit areas in the front two parking lots and the other safety guidelines are followed.
  • Having students cross a busy street to enter your car creates an unsafe condition for your child and a dangerous driving situation for others. Please don't put your student in a dangerous situation by waiting across the street in the front or back of the school where students must cross without a crosswalk to get to a car.
  • Please follow all traffic and safety laws and refrain from using devices that can be distracting.
  • Kindergarten parents should stay outside of the kindergarten playground fence.
Know that the things we ask you to do may not be the most convenient for you, but they are the safest and most efficient way for all of our students to move around campus and for us to avoid congestion. Please do not seek to be the exception and ignore these guidelines because doing so creates unpredictable and unsafe conditions here at school.

Students on Campus:

  • Always walk your wheels for the safety of all.
  • Avoid running in high traffic areas.
  • Use sidewalks to allow our grass and garden areas to grow untrampled.
  • Always walk on the other side of the yellow line painted on the front sidewalk and bus zone, to create a buffer zone between the traffic and pedestrians.
  • Students should only exit vehicles on the sidewalk side.
  • Students should not cross the front crosswalks towards the parking lot without a parent.
  • Follow the Big 3 in all areas at all times - treat others with Respect, be Responsible for your own behavior, and never do something that is not Safe.
  • Bullies are not allowed at Butterfield Canyon.  Click here to see how we are teaching this to the students.

Please visit our Safe Walking Routes page, to view the recommended safe walking routes within our boundaries.

Safety Video (5 min)
We are asking that all students and parents watch and abide by the following safety tips contained in this district created Safety Super Hero video.

Click here to see a brief description of our response plan in the event of an emergency.

REUNIFICATION PROCESS - In some emergency situations, your child may be transported from school to an evacuation site off campus or you may be directed to come pick them up from school. If that happens, you need to know how to safely and calmly reunite with your child, closely following directions established by the District, local police and firefighters. A safe and controlled reunification is essential in any evacuation.
This video explains the REUNIFICATION procedure you will be asked to follow.