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School Community Council

This council serves as a voice for the community and the meetings provide a systematic way for the parents and staff to work together to find ways to achieve shared goals and improve student learning. This council manages the use of Land Trust funds (approx. $114,000.00 for 2021-22) to provide resources to maximize student achievement (see document below). All parents are welcome to attend, but only elected members can vote when making important decisions as outlined in the Rules of Order. We would welcome all parents to provide input through the representatives below:

21-22 School Community Members

Jay Eads (Administrator)

Alisa Didenhover (Parent)

Tanya Eagar (Parent)

Wendy Hill (Parent)  

Jeanette Stooksbury (Parent)

Ronda Rhodes (Parent)

Trisha Keller (Teacher)  

Janet Hall (Teacher)

School Community Council
We are always looking for parents to join our School Community Council. The School Community Council oversees the School LAND Trust funds that the school receives each year.  Most of the School LAND Trust funds go towards hiring assistants to work with our students who struggle in reading. This is a great way to get involved with the school.
Information to join will go out at the beginning of the school year, 2022-23.

21-22 Meeting Dates/Agendas/Minutes Dates:

May 6th,2022
Oct 1st, 2021- Nov 5th, 2021 - Mar11th, 2022

Butterfield Canyon Elementary Minutes 

Rules of Order for School Community Council