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Increased Student Access to Technology at BCE!

Now students have more access to technology than ever before @ Butterfield Canyon.

14318331-standard By adding a second computer lab, we have doubled students access to computers that allow them to publish their writing, create presentations, and research curricular topics.
images Each classroom in K, 1st, and 2nd grades have at least 5 iPads available for regular use all day, every day.

3rd, 4th, and 5th grades have a class set of iPads on a cart that they use to support their instruction.

6th grade students turned their class set of laptops into the 2nd computer lab for them to use primarily in the afternoons, but made it available to all grade levels in the morning.

125 Students in 3rd-6th grades have access to these devices called "NEO 2's" that give them more opportunities to practice their keyboarding skills and publish their writing. These devices provide on-screen keyboarding lessons and allow them to print their writing wirelessly. We have 120 of these devices available for student use.
IMG_1512 We still have our regular desktop computer lab that our students have always been able to access at least once a week.
21appletv Each classroom is equipped with a document camera, a projector, a laptop, an iPad, and an Apple TV device to allow for wireless projection to the big screen from the laptop or iPad.