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Parents, watch this Safety Video (5 min.)

In conjunction with Safety Week, we are asking that all students and parents watch and abide by the following safety tips contained in this Safety Super Hero video. Students have watched this video at school and signed a pledge (D trackers will when they come back on track), committing to be a Safety Super Hero!

Parents can also take a mental pledge by agreeing to obey all the following safety rules:

  • I pledge to drive 5 mph slower than the posted speed limit in school zones and residential areas to protect the lives of children in my community.
  • I pledge to stop for pedestrians at crosswalks and intersections.
  • I pledge to stop behind crosswalks so that I don't block the pedestrian's way at intersections.
  • I pledge to watch for and yield to pedestrians when making both left and right turns.
  • I pledge to never pass a vehicle that has stopped to let a pedestrian cross the street.
  • I pledge to never pick up students in a location that puts them at risk trying to reach the vehicle.