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Mission:    Bobcats LEAD by
                            Learning Daily
                            Empowering Leadership
                            Achieving Goals
                            Discovering Potential
Motto: Whatever it Takes!

School Goals:  

  1. Have 87% of our students reading at/above grade level by March 2016!
  2. Achieve 87% proficiency in district math benchmark assessments!
  3. Implement school-wide leadership roles providing all students with an opportunity to have a school or classroom leadership role to practice the skills they are learning.

Academic Achievement:

School Grade      2014: B     2015: A

SAGE Results    Though we have plenty of room for improvement, our school performs higher than the district and state averages.

PACE Report Card

Did you know that our School Community Council makes decisions and implements programs geared to help the school achieve their academic goals? There are funds allocated from the Utah State Trust Lands (approximately $50,000/yr) to assist in our efforts. The SCC council determines how those funds are used. Visit their page for more detailed information regarding this year's plan.

Butterfield Canyon Elementary Resident Parents-

Due to the recent boundary changes and shifting enrollment, 847 students are currently attending Butterfield Canyon Elementary.  Even with anticipated growth Butterfield Canyon Elementary has the capacity to run a traditional calendar based on its building size and 10 portables. The Jordan School District Board of Education has asked us to survey the parents of Butterfield Canyon Elementary to see if they would like to be considered for a short-term traditional calendar that would last a minimum of 2 years (2015-16 and 2016-17 school years).

If a change occurs, a future evaluation will be conducted at the appropriate time to determine if a traditional calendar could continue beyond the 2016-17 school year.

For a copy of the approved 2015-16 traditional calendar and 2015-16 year-round calendar, please go to You can find the approved calendars on the website under the parent & student section.  It is important to know that a traditional calendar has students in school for 180 days versus a year-round calendar that is 170 days.  The year-round calendar school day is 25 minutes longer than a traditional calendar school day to equalize the hours of instruction.

The survey will be open on Monday December 22, 2014.  It will remain open until Monday January 12, 2015 at 1 pm.

The Board of Education is very interested in your feedback prior to considering a short-term calendar change and appreciates your time in filling out this survey.

Please go to the following link to complete the survey:

If you’re having a hard time accessing the survey – try copying and pasting the link into a different browser (i.e. Firefox or Chrome).

Jordan School District Administration

The Book Fair will be open on Nov. 5th-6th from 9am-8pm. It will also be open for the D track conferences on Nov. 19th-20th.

  • For the book fair - we are able to accept cash, check and credit cards.
  • For purchasing any bobcat t-shirts or gear from the PTA - they are only able to accept cash or check for those transactions.

The book fair theme for this year:
Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 12.51.17 PM

Students caught being good examples of following the school rules are handed a "PAWS FOR LEADERSHIP" slip of paper that they bring down to the office on Wednesday's during lunch recess to choose a number (1-200) and choose a prize out of the treasure box. Their name will go on the associated number on our 200 Club Chart. As soon as a row or column fill up, all students in that row/column are invited to a special activity with the principal. Last week we had a "Principal's 200 Club" party where we learned how to speed stack cups and participated in friendly competitions during the event. Thanks to all the students who impress us everyday and show their peers what good behavior looks like.

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Wednesday November 5: “Doing drugs is silly”

      ---> Silly Sock Day

Thursday November 6: “Our Future is Bright no drugs in sight”
      ---> Wear bright neon colors or dark glasses

Friday November 7: “Don’t let your TEAM down by doing Drugs”
     ---> Wear your favorite team or BCE apparel

Monday November 10: “Doing drugs is crazy”
      ---> Crazy Hair Day

Tuesday November 11: “Don’t let Drugs ruin your dreams”
      ---> Pajama day

Wednesday November 12; “I believe in ME-Drug free”
     --->  Wear red to show your commitment to stay drug free