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Mission, Motto, Goals


Bobcats LEAD by:

  • Learning Daily
  • Empowering Leadership
  • Achieving Goals
  • Discovering Potential                       

Whatever it Takes! (Our staff will do whatever it takes to help our kids be successful!)

School Goals:  

  1. Eighty-eight percent of our students will read at or above grade level by end of year!
  2. Ninety-five percent of our students will demonstrate mastery of the five essential math concepts for their current grade level by the end of the year to empower success in the next grade level.
  3. Implement school-wide leadership roles providing all students with an opportunity to have a school or classroom leadership role to practice the skills they are learning.

Our Mission Statement means  ... 

Learning that challenges all students to achieve their personal best and be successful at the next level is our task. Teacher teams prioritize curriculum to determine the essential concepts and are relentless in ensuring that additional time and support are provided until every student has reached their individual goals.

Empowering leadership at school is the reason students are given leadership practice opportunities and adults provide regular modeling and instruction regarding the 7 Habits. Producing students who can both explain and internalize the habits are high priorities. Success in life requires us to be leaders of our own lives.

Achieving goals provides incredible satisfaction and fulfillment. Students and staff learn to identify areas of concern, write a targeted goal, develop an action plan to reach the goal, and track progress until it is achieved.

Discovering our potential is a priority of everyone at school. BCE is committed to help everyone realize their unique capacity to make the world a better place. A variety of enriching experiences will be offered to students intended to help them develop interests and talents.