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After the first week of school - students gathered for an outdoor Kick-Off Assembly to celebrate their commitment to following the Big 3 & developing leadership at school. Students agreed to be respectful, responsible, and safe in all areas of the school after being explicitly taught what that looks like. Some awesome 4th graders taught the student body the actions for each habit. Each grade level also prepared and shared fun chants or cheers that go along with each of the 7 Habits of Happy Kids. Those video files have been posted on our school's YouTube channel - click here to check them out.  Following the cheers - each class released a balloon that contained their class mission statement - symbolizing and communicating to the world our commitment to internalize the Big 3 and become leaders of our own lives and learning.  Music was playing, kids were enjoying otter-pops, and danced around with their classmates and teachers in a celebratory fashion.  It was a high-energy and memorable event!